Brookfield, WI Family & Cosmetic Dental Services

Tanty Family Dental is proud to offer services to clients out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Step into effective dental treatments that use the latest cutting-edge tech in dentistry. We are just a 17-minute drive from Brookfield City Hall off East Sunset Drive.

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Family & cosmetic dentist Brookfield, WI

Dental office driving directions from Brookfield City Hall to Tanty Family Dental:

  1. Start at Brookfield City Hall (2000 N Calhoun Rd).
  2. Turn left toward N Calhoun Rd.
  3. Turn left onto N Calhoun Rd.
  4. Turn right onto WI-59 W/W Greenfield Ave.
  5. Turn left onto US-18 W/Les Paul Pkwy.
  6. Turn left onto Blackhawk Trail.
  7. Turn right onto Fleetfoot Dr.
  8. Turn right onto Navajo Ln.
  9. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E Sunset Dr.
  10. Turn right at the 1st intersection and follow the road. Our offices will be on the right.

Family dental services we offer clients:

Will my insurance cover dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in Brookfield?

Some dental insurances offer portions of coverage for implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures. At Tanty Family Dental, we'll help you maximize your dental insurance coverage, whether you have Delta that only covers cleanings with a $25 co-pay, or you have no dental insurance and are planning to pay out-of-pocket. What matters to us is you get both effective and affordable care that fits your needs.

Fill out a new patient form or contact our dental staff for emergency services, billing/insurance info or to learn more about our services.
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Family & cosmetic dentist Brookfield, WI

Brookfield Dentistry FAQs

Is Tanty Family Dental accepting new Brookfield patients?

We are always happy to help new patients with dental questions and care. To find out if we are currently accepting new patients, contact our friendly staff. Even if we’re fully booked, we will do everything we can to answer your questions and get you the care you need.

How do I get my dental records sent from my Brookfield dentist to Tanty Family Dental?

Your dental records, also known as your patient’s chart, provide a written record of your dental care. Your dental records give us a more complete picture of your dental care history, including X-rays, diagnostic records, treatment plans, consent forms, and communication records.

If you don’t have dental records or cannot access them from your previous dental office, don’t sweat! Our comprehensive examinations can help us get a complete picture of your dental health.

To have your dental records sent to Tanty Family Dental, contact our dental office for information on how we can receive them. We’ll give you contact information that your previous dentist can use to send your dental records to our office. Contact your previous dentist to request your dental records. You may be asked to sign a release form.

How do I switch from my current Brookfield dentist to Tanty Family Dental?

Contact Tanty Family Dental or visit our office to confirm that we are currently taking new patients. Fill out a patient form for each individual that will be needing dental care. Each adult will need to fill out an adult patient form and each child will need a child patient form. Once you’ve filled out your forms, it’s a good idea to contact your old dentist and ask them to transfer your dental records to Tanty Family Dental. If you need help at any step of the way, our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you!

How much do dental implants cost in Brookfield?

The cost of getting a dental implant in Brookfield depends on your overall oral health and which tooth needs to be replaced. Teeth that are more difficult to access generally cost more to replace with implants. While your true cost may vary, the average cost for a single dental implant is around $2,500 to $5,000. The cost of a full mouth of dental implants, installation can cost around $34,000. Schedule a phone consult or visit our Waukesha dental office to discuss the true cost of your care.

How much do clear aligners cost in Brookfield?

In the Brookfield area of Wisconsin, the average cost of clear aligners like Invisalign and SureSmile is between $4,000 and $6,500. Clear aligners normally cost more in cities and suburbs, such as those surrounding Milwaukee. Choosing Tanty Family Dental for your clear aligner treatment can save you money compared to a dentist located in Brookfield. Your true cost depends on a number of factors including the position of your teeth and how long they take to realign.

How much do dental veneers cost in Brookfield?

On average, composite veneers will cost $200 to $1500 per tooth, while more permanent porcelain veneers will cost $950 to $2500 per tooth. The true cost of getting dental veneers in Brookfield depends on the condition of your teeth, which teeth you wish to cover and how many teeth you plan to cover. Visit Tanty Family Dental in Waukesha or call us for a free phone consultation to discuss the cost of your care. There's a good chance our prices will be lower than the dentist closest to you.

How much do dentures cost in Brookfield?

Getting dentures in the Brookfield area will typically cost $300 to $500 for a single plate, or $600 to $1,000 for both upper and lower dentures. Partial dentures are also available to replace one or more missing teeth and are an affordable alternative to dental implants. Call or contact us today to discuss the best option to replace your missing teeth and repair your smile.

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