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Tanty Family Dental gives patients in West Allis more reason to smile with pride. Walk out with the smile you’ve always dreamed of and get complimentary smile design with every service. We’re just a short drive down I-94 on Sunset Drive in Waukesha.

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Fixing Stained, Crooked or Yellowed Teeth

West Allis patients with crooked teeth can straighten their smiles with clear aligners at Tanty Family Dental. We carry top brands like Invisalign and SureSmile that have a reputation for aligning teeth fast without the clunky look and feel of traditional metal braces. 

We like to stay on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry to offer the most effective, comfortable dentistry to our West Allis patients. When you come in to get your teeth whitened, you’ll get the most effective clinical whitening system in the world, KoR teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening gives you results you can’t get at home, removing stains and brightening your smile. 

Patients in West Allis looking for a more permanent way to whiten their teeth can do so with dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are a durable, long lasting way to achieve a perfectly white and straight smile while even improving the shape of your teeth.

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Fixing Chipped Teeth & Cavities

At other dental clinics near West Allis, filling cavities can involve uncomfortable needles and drills. At Tanty Family Dental we believe in restoring your teeth without the discomfort, using our Solea laser to remove tooth enamel and prepare a tooth for fillings in the most precise way possible.

The most common teeth to get chipped are the front teeth, marring an otherwise beautiful smile. If you want to fix a chipped tooth in the West Allis area, contact Tanty Family Dental to go over your options. The most common way to fix a chipped tooth is with dental bonding, where a resin is applied to the tooth where it hardens and is shaped to look completely natural.

Replace Missing Teeth

West Allis patients with one or more missing teeth have plenty of options with restorative dentistry at Tanty Family Dental. Dental implants can give you your complete smile back, improving your oral health and speech. After they are installed they look and function just like real teeth. Need to replace a full mouth of missing teeth? We offer full arch replacement to give you a complete smile again by installing around four posts and fixing your new teeth to them.

Dentures are an affordable alternative to dental implants for replacing any number of teeth. Partial dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth and fill in gaps wherever needed. Patients in need of full dentures can have them custom-fitted using our intraoral camera. We make a 3D representation of your mouth and craft the best fitting dentures available in the West Allis area.

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At Tanty Family Dental we accept most dental insurance plans. Don't have dental insurance? Contact us for information about payment plans and no insurance dental payment options in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County & the surrounding communities.

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West Allis teeth whitening before and after
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