Modern Dentistry

Old-Fashioned Family Dental Clinic with the Latest Dental Technology

At Tanty Family Dental, we believe in old-fashioned quality service free from discomfort.

That’s why everything at our dental office is designed to give our patients the best, most comfortable experience possible. Our goal is to give every patient quick and painless procedures, free from pain and anxiety. We utilize the latest in dental technology to avoid unnecessary return appointments and anesthetics whenever we can. We accept most dental insurance plans and have payment options for patients with no insurance.

Crown making machine for same-day crowns

Temporary crowns can be less comfortable and stable than permanent crowns, and in some cases can even fall off. With our in-house crown making machine, you won’t have to come back for a second visit or receive a temporary dental crown. This also means you’ll only have to go through the numbing process once.

Anesthetic-free lasers

We utilize Solea lasers for anesthetic-free tooth fillings. The laser vaporizes tooth decay and in many situations does not require the patient to receive a numbing shot. The process is ideal for patients who are afraid of needles and drills. Most patients feel nothing at all or a very mild sensation.

3D X-rays

3D X-rays allow us to get a complete, comprehensive look at your teeth and jaw. We use a 3D profile to place dental implants more precisely, avoiding nerves and blood vessels. The best part? You can have your periodontal work done completely at our Waukesha office. Dr. Tanty is a dental surgeon and is able to perform the entire procedure himself.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras scan a patient's mouth to create a unique 3D model that can be used in procedures like fitting crowns and dentures. Having a more complete and accurate picture of a patient's mouth ensures a better, more comfortable fit.

Waukesha Family Dentist Same Day Crowns

Tanty Family Dental is accepting adult and pediatric dental patients at our Waukesha dental clinic.

Contact our friendly family dental staff today for more information on modern dental techniques!

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