General Dentistry Treatments In Waukesha, WI

Tanty Family Dental provides routine dental check ups and preventative dentistry treatments to keep your visits to the dentist at a minimum. There's no time like the present when it comes to preventing cavities, stains, tooth damage, and gum disease. For the best in general dentistry near Waukesha, the team at Tanty have the solutions.

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Preventative Dental Care, Cleanings & Routine Checkups

Preventative dentistry in Waukesha: Cleanings & examsTanty Family Dental uses the newest cutting-edge technology in the industry to ensure a fast, efficient, and painless visit to the dentist's office. With 3D X-Rays, oral scanners, and laser technology, we're able to assess problem spots from your dental hygiene and act accordingly to help you correct them in one visit.

Get general dentistry services for adults, children, and your whole family in the most comfortable and relaxed dental office around. At Tanty Family Dental, we're all like family no matter what brings you into our office.

General dentistry services in Waukesha include:

  • Dental checkups for adults & children
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Taking X-Rays & dental history
  • Identifying cavities & other dental issues

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After your checkup, you're already at the best dental clinic in Waukesha for comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dental care. Fill out a patient form above or contact us to improve your smile today.

General Dental Care Services in Waukesha County:

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Waukesha Dental Checkups - IconPreventative

Like any family, we love when you come to visit us from time to time. Regular check ups (exams and cleanings) will keep your teeth clean and disease-free. Treat yourself to the best smile possible.

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Come for a checkup and leave smiling. Getting a dental checkup while balancing a busy schedule doesn't have to be difficult with Tanty Family Dental meeting all your dental needs at one Waukesha location.

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Children's dental needs are just as urgent as an adult's. Tanty Family Dentistry will ensure a great dental experience for your child and offers a wide range of services for pediatric patients including regular teeth cleanings and exams.

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Fill out a new patient form today, or contact our dental staff for emergency services, billing/insurance info, or to learn more about Tanty Family Dental services for Waukesha, Big Bend, Genesee, SaylesvilleVernon and the surrounding communities.

General Dentistry FAQs

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry, sometimes called family dentistry, offers a variety of treatment options to protect and maintain your oral health. General dentists' main goal is to prevent and diagnose disease and determine the best course of treatment for your teeth. Unlike dental specialists, they can provide a wide array of services to adults and children including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures.

What are the most common procedures done by a general dentist?

Since a general dentist is responsible for all oral healthcare needs, they can perform procedures as small as fillings to tooth replacements as big as implants. The most common procedures they assist with include tooth alignment, tooth decay, replacement and restoration, gum disease, and regular diagnostic testing.

Is there a difference between a family dentist and a pediatric dentist?

Some general dentists give themselves the title 'family dentist' to indicate that they treat both children and adults. Pediatric dentists are dental specialists who usually only treat children's teeth. They complete additional years of training to specialize in advanced diagnostics and surgical procedures, child psychology, clinical management, child development, etc.

Can a general dentist do gum surgery?

Typically oral surgeons perform surgical procedures on patients but general dentists are also qualified to perform certain procedures. Patients tend to have their primary dentist, whom they are comfortable with, perform any necessary oral surgeries. More complex cases will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

How often should you have your teeth cleaned?

With good oral hygiene habits, dentists recommend scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments at least twice a year (every six months). Most dental insurance plans will cover two cleanings per year, but few people take advantage of it. Patients who are prone to dental issues may need to see a dental professional more often.

How often do you need dental x-rays?

Your general dentist will recommend you have x-rays taken every 2-3 years. Regular x-rays should probably be taken more frequently for children or adults with a lot of dental restorations. X-rays are required to check the overall health of your teeth and jaw bones. Routine exams don't show abnormalities including bone loss, jaw malposition or shifted teeth. Without x-rays, your dentist would not be able to catch these things, which could result in irreversible consequences.

What do dentists check for during dental examinations?

During your regular dental exam, your dentist will check for signs of cavities and gum disease, or risk of developing other oral health problems. Your dentist will also discuss your diet and oral hygiene habits and may demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques to improve on.

Adult & Children's Dental Cleanings in Waukesha County