General Dentistry Treatments In Waukesha

Tanty Dental provides routine dental check ups and preventative dentistry treatments to keep your visits to the dentist at a minimum. There's no time like the present when it comes to preventing cavities, stains, tooth damage, and gum disease.

Preventative Dental Care, Cleanings & Routine Checkups

Preventative dentistry in Waukesha: Cleanings & examsTanty Family Dental uses the newest cutting-edge technology in the industry to ensure a fast, efficient, and painless visit to the dentist's office. With 3D X-Rays, oral scanners, and laser technology, we're able to assess problem spots in your dental hygiene and act fast and accordingly to fix them in one visit alone.

We provide general dentistry services for adults and children, and will treat your whole family to the most comfortable and relaxed dental experience possible, because at Tanty Family Dental, we are family.

General dentistry services in Waukesha include:

  • Dental checkups for adults & children
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Taking X-Rays & dental history
  • Identifying cavities & other dental issues

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After your checkup, you're already at the best dental clinic in Waukesha for comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dental care. Fill out a patient form above or contact us to improve your smile today.

General Dental Care Services in Waukesha County:


Like any family, we love to have you visit us from time to time. Regular check ups will keep your teeth clean and disease-free, and give you the best smile possible. 

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Come for a checkup and leave smiling. Getting a dental checkup while balancing a busy schedule doesn't have to be difficult with Tanty Family Dental meeting all your dental needs at one Waukesha location. 

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Children's dental needs are just as urgent as an adult's. Tanty Family Dentistry will ensure a great dental experience for your child and offers a wide range of services for pediatric patients. 

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Fill out a new patient form today, or contact our dental staff for emergency services, billing/insurance info, or to learn more about Tanty Family Dental services for Waukesha, New Berlin, Pewaukee, Wales, Delafield, Muskego residents and beyond.