Family-Owned Dentistry

Professional, Compassionate Dental Care From Our Family To Yours

Tanty Family Dental is committed to providing superior, friendly and comprehensive dental care. Dr. Kevin Tanty and his staff of dedicated professionals offer general, cosmetic and restorative dental care to patients of all ages. We utilize modern technologies to assure our patients receive the most innovative treatment options available. Our focus is to provide our patients with one-of-kind dental experiences.

What Our Patients Say


I used to get really nervous going to the dentist, but since I started going to Tanty Family Dental, I no longer get nervous at all. Everyone is very nice, friendly, caring, and funny! I never expected that I would laugh so much while at the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Tanty I now feel comfortable showing my teeth while smiling, and I no longer cover my mouth while laughing. I highly recommend Tanty Family Dental. I wish I could have given 10 stars!


Today I had a filling done and they used laser instead of local anesthesia and it was great! I didn't lose feeling in half my face and had no restrictions afterwards. Great dental office and great new option!


When Dr. Hamm retired I was concerned about his replacement.  Dr. Tanty is awesome.  He explains everything he would like to do and tells you what needs to be done.  He is gentle and very good at his job.  He is now using a laser to drill out the cavity and it works so well I took a small nap while he was working on my teeth.  He is the only Dr or Dentist that has called me after a serious procedure to check up on me.  If you are looking for quality dental work I highly recommend Dr. Tanty.  I cannot say enough about his practice.  The staff is very kind and always in good humor.  I love my dentist.  That is saying a lot from a guy that is afraid of the dentist.


I wouldn’t drive from Milwaukee to Waukesha if Dr. Tanty wasn't the best Dentist I've had in years.. Thanks Kevin for TCB with Kitty and I Megan, Kim and his crew are top notch also.


I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr Tanty while he was practicing in my area.  I was so impressed with his personality and work that when he left my area to work at another location, I did what I could to find him again.  I trust him completely and recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.  Going to the dentist doesn't give me anxiety anymore!


I have been coming to this dentist location for many years. Dr. Tanty took over a few years back and he has done a wonderful job making me feel welcomed. He and his crew are polite, caring and professional meeting every expectation I have ever had for them. They have introduced huge improvements in the technology used to help streamline and give the greatest care available. I would recommend Tanty Family Dentistry to anyone in need of anything to do with dentistry.


Excellent work turning on a dime for my dental emergency! Kevin and his entire team are capable, caring, and work together to make things happen for their patients benefit! Thank you. Thank you!


Dr. Tanty and all his staff are just the best! Listens so well to all your dental concerns, makes a plan of action and executes. Exactly what you would EXPECT from your dentist. Very respectable and knowledgeable and between him and his absolutely wonderful staff, they take very good care of you! I would and DO recommend Tanty's Dental to any and everyone in need of some dental relief, work, or as simple as some cleanings, anything you need, they gotcha covered! Ps- pricing is on point! You will never be taken advantage of financially at Tantys office, they're very fair and reasonable on all pricing. You leave there knowing that they care about you, and your dental well being. That being something I've never really felt from any dentist "experiences" in my life, other than Tanty's. Very Personable is a good way to put it! 5/5**100%!