Tooth Bonding For Chipped Teeth in Waukesha

Tooth bonding is a great way to hide any minor imperfections in your smile.

Tanty Family Dental is more than happy to upgrade your look with this minor dental cosmetic procedure.

How Does Tooth Bonding Work? 

Tooth bonding is the addition of a composite resin to the front of a tooth to correct chipped teeth, hide gap teeth, or just to beautify one's smile. Unlike veneers, which are applied to the entire front of the tooth, bondings require only a small portion of the teeth to be covered.

Bonding or veneers: which is better to repair your teeth?

The friendly staff at Tanty Family Dental happy to walk you through your cosmetic dental and smile rehab options. Two of the most common cosmetic procedures for repairing chipped or misshapen teeth are dental bonding and veneers. Modern dentistry makes each of these procedures relatively quick and easy, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

How much do veneers and tooth bonding cost in Wisconsin?

When choosing between bonding and veneers, your main considerations will be cost and durability. Veneers are the more expensive option, costing an average of $500 - $1300 per tooth for composite or $900 - $2500 per tooth for porcelain. Porcelain veneers are the most durable option and resist staining, unlike composite veneers and bonding resin. Dental bonding is a more affordable option, costing an average of $300 - $600 per tooth. Bonding is the most common way to fix a chipped tooth.

How long do veneers and bonding last?

Porcelain veneers will outlast your other options and can remain intact for 10 - 20 years, while composite veneers typically last 3 - 10 years. Dental bonding usually remains durable for an average of 3 years but can last longer when cared for correctly. 

Dental veneers

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