Tooth Extractions

Sometimes it's necessary to remove a decayed tooth. With our expertise in numerous areas of restorative dental care, you can count on Tanty Family Dental to be with you every step of the way.

Quick, Safe, and Easy Tooth Extraction in Waukesha WI

A tooth needs to be extracted if it's so decayed or infected that restoration is no longer possible. One of our experts will walk you through the procedure, which involves numbing the affected area with anesthetic to minimize discomfort and pain. The tooth will then be gently removed, and gauze will be applied until the bleeding stops. As always, we will walk you through the procedure beforehand and continue to monitor you closely afterwards. 

Same Day Dental Extractions Waukesha

While we typically do not offer walk-in tooth extractions, we make dental emergencies a top priority. If you have severe tooth pain, call us right away to schedule an appointment. In some cases we may be able to accommodate you the same day. The best way to avoid painful dental emergencies is by keeping up with regular dental checkups.

No Insurance Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are usually covered by dental insurance when they are considered a medical necessity. Patients with no insurance can still cover service through Care Credit payment plans.

Replacing an Extracted Tooth

Tanty Family Dental can help patients restore your natural-looking smile when teeth have been lost or extracted. Options include dental implants and dentures, each of which will replace any number of missing teeth. Call or contact us today to discuss your restoration and coverage options.

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