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Tanty Family Dental provides top-rated cosmetic and restorative dental services to patients across Waukesha and Milwaukee County.

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Restorative Dental Services

If you’re in Milwaukee and experiencing tooth pain, contact Tanty Family Dental right away. Tooth pain is usually caused by tooth decay and damage and can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. Cavities that are not filled in lead to deeper tooth rot, eventually infecting the pulp inside your teeth. When that happens, you have no choice but to have the tooth extracted or drilled out in a root canal procedure and capped with a crown. Tanty Family Dental provides painless dental fillings without using uncomfortable drills and needles.

Restorative dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Milwaukee

Fixing chipped, stained or misaligned teeth is fast and simple with the modern dental techniques used at Tanty Family Dental. Veneers cover the surface of your tooth with strong, stain-resistant porcelain and are long-lasting. They’re a good option to fix various tooth maladies, from yellowed teeth to crooked or chipped teeth. Clear aligners from Invisalign or SureSmile will straighten crooked teeth without uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces. Clear aligners cost about the same amount as traditional braces and are a much more common choice these days thanks to their discreet look and ability to be removed for eating and social occasions. At Tanty Family Dental, we also provide KoR teeth whitening, widely recognized as the most effective teeth whitening system in the world.

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental Cleanings & Checkups

Dental checkups are an important part of maintaining oral health and overall health. Buildup of plaque and bacteria leads to gum diseases like gingivitis, which can infect other areas of your body and even cause heart disease. At Tanty Family Dental, we provide gentle teeth cleanings for adults and children without judgment, regardless of how long it’s been since your last checkup. Setting a good example early on leads to good dental hygiene habits that can last a lifetime.

General & preventative care

At Tanty Family Dental we accept most dental insurance plans. Don't have dental insurance? Contact us for information about payment plans and no insurance dental payment options in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County & the surrounding communities.

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